No thumbtacks, no magnets,
no adhesive tapes! Mini RAS gives you
a convenient bulletin board !

Mini RAS helps to make all the documents and notepapers around you to become self-adhesive stickers! Small and convenient ! To activate your working environment! No left adhesive, no damage to the objects that apply the adhesives. The materials comply with European Union environmental standards. When the adhesives subdue, you can use wet cloth to wipe off the adhesives and the objects will recover the original status.
Mini &
Convenient !

Easy use:
1. Tear off the paper on the reverse side and
ˇ@stick it on the flat surface.
ˇ@2.Tear off the transparent plastic film on the obverse side.
ˇ@ˇ@Then start to stick objects on it repeatedly.

  Imagine the benefits you get when you put your companyˇ¦s logo on the Mini RAS!
M&M'p together with RAS, Perfect Match!
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